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Tuesday, 24 January 2012 07:13

Girls in general love romance and there a couple of ways you can use romance to ask a girl out. First of all let’s talk about what girls find to be romantic. Most girls want to feel special and that is where romance comes into place. To make a girl feel special you need to do or say something nice that most other guys never do. For example giving girl flowers is quite romantic but many guys nowadays do it and therefore to make it even more special you can try attaching a note with flowers. That is actually one of the most romantic ways to ask a girl out and it is done by leaving flowers with a note saying that you want to go out with her.  To make sure that girl doesn’t get embarrassed you should leave flowers in place where she can find them instead of giving it to her in person.

Another romantic way to ask a girl out is to leave a hand written note somewhere where she can easily find it. You don’t need to be a poet to write a note and it can be a basic letter explaining that you like a girl and you want to take her out to dinner or a movie. You can also try to write a small poem if you can and read to her but at the end of the poem you need to insert the question asking her out. Using text messages or calls to ask a girl usually will not work, but a well written nice email or facebook message might work if you write something deep and poetic.

Before you ask a girl out using one of the ways I described above, you should try to find out if the girl is single and whether she is interested in you or not, if it is possible.  Some guys are afraid to be romantic with girls because they don’t want to look creep, but fortunately there is a clear distinction between being creepy and being romantic. When you are creepy, it usually means that you want a girl physically but you don’t have enough confidence to show what you want from her and that keeps her guessing what you are up to.  On another hand, when you are romantic you show a girl that you want her but you do it by giving her hints instead of openly telling her, that you are intimately interested in her.

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