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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 07:05

It is easy to find a girlfriend, but how can you find a good girlfriend that will fully understand you and whom you can tell all you inner secrets without fear that she will use them latter to embarrass you.  The girls who usually make good girlfriends are not the ones who spend their free time partying and drinking. The girls you meet at clubs and bars are usually the ones that you need to avoid if you are looking for a long and meaningful relationship, and instead you should look for the girls who spend their weekends reading, playing sport or working.  There is nothing wrong if the girl goes out once in a while but if she parties all the time and you always see her with new guys, then it is a sign that she is probably not all that serious about dating.

There are many signs that will help you in finding out whether a girl will make a good girlfriend and the first one is the number of previous boyfriends. If  a girl you are interested in had more than five guys and she is still in her twenties, then it is very unlikely that she will make a good girlfriend, because if she was a good girlfriend, she wouldn’t have so many break ups.  If the girl you are interested in has some goals and ambition then it is sign that she might be good potential girlfriend. Many girls during their teen years do many irrational and stupid things, but if you see that a girl has some serious plans for the future it means she is not that shallow and she may in fact make a good girlfriend.

Another thing you should pay attention to is compatibility because one girl can be a very good girlfriend from one’s guy’s point of view but she can be a terrible from another’s.  When you are about to get into relationship, you need to take a close look at your girlfriend’s interests and if they are completely different from yours, then it is very unlikely that it will be a long or successful relationship. It is important to have a physical attraction but if you don’t have topics you both can talk about and enjoy, then you will get tired from each other sooner or later. It might take time for you to find a good girlfriend but if you wait, you will be much happier later and you will not have to go over break ups and divorces.

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