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Friday, 27 January 2012 06:26

It might be quite uneasy to talk with women on the phone; especially if you just met a girl or you never saw her in a real life. Therefore all phone conversations can be divided into two types: the one where you are talking to the girl you just met and the other when you are talking with a girl whom you know. If you just met a girl, then the main goal of your phone conversation is to try to build rapport with a woman and try to make her interested in you. On other hand if you already know a girl, then your main goal is to make her even more interested in you and if possible you want to start dropping some obvious hints that you want her both emotionally and physically.

There are many situations when you need to talk to women on the phone but the problem is that you never met her and you have a very slight idea about what she likes or how you can get a date with that girl, without sounding too desperate. First of all before you call a girl, if you want to make your life easier write down some basic questions you will ask her and prepare a couple of jokes and stories. This way you will be able to avoid the silence during the call and it can be a mood killer, especially for the people who don’t know each other very well. Also you need to make sure that you are completely relaxed and in reality there is nothing that you should be scared about, because she can’t even see your body language. Most girls are very good in reading body language, but they can’t do anything over the phone and therefore you can fake confidence even if you have some fears. During the first call just talk about general things, but make sure to add a couple of hints that you want her more than a friend. The main goal for you first couple of calls before you actually meet a girl is to show her that you a normal social guy with a sense of humour and not just a creep who only wants to get into her pants.

If you are already talked to a girl before and she knows who you are, then you can be more straightforward when talking to woman on the phone.  Make it clear to her that you are interested in her intimately, because the last thing you want is to become friends with her. During the talk you can tell her some stories and jokes that have some sexual edge to them to put her into mood. After you are about to finish talking to her, you can tell her that you have to run to do something, but you really want to talk to her more and maybe if she has time you can meet tomorrow for a cup of coffee. Obviously where you are going to take a woman on a date will depend on how close you know her and whether you both already kissed.

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