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Friday, 27 January 2012 07:17

It is nice to have a friend, but what if you want to be more than just friends with a girl you know for a long time but you never made any advances to her. If you are friends with a girl, you are falling in love with, than you need to try to make her sexually interested in you. She is already emotionally interested in you because otherwise she wouldn’t be you friend and therefore all you need is a small sexual spark that will light up the whole fire. Unfortunately it is extremely hard to create this spark because she already been your friend for a long time and somehow you both never fell in love. Therefore you will have to do something out of ordinary to make your friend to become your girlfriend.

The easiest way to turn a friend into girlfriend is to talk to her and tell her about your feelings. However this is also one of the most risky ways because you might scare her and she will put her emotional guard up. One way to avoid this is to find a right moment to talk about this, for example it might be some evening when you are going out with her. It might take forever for this moment to come and if you don’t want your friend to date some other guy, you will need to fake this moment.

To create an emotional moment and to tell your friend about your feeling, first of all you need to find a place where you are going to take her. You should avoid all the places you already been to with her and instead find some restaurant or bar close to some nice view of a city, where you can take her later after you are done with your food or drinks. During the dinner start talking about relationships in general and ask what would be her perfect guy. You can also ask her about her previous boyfriend and how it felt to be in love and so on. Just remember that your goal at this moment is to make her feel romantic and dreamy. Also make sure that you have a good eye contact with her and if possible touch her arm whenever she describes some good romantic memories to associate you with them.

After the dinner take her to the place where there is a good view of a city and just tell her about your feelings and how you feel that you are perfect for each other. Depending on a girl you may run into all sorts of objections at this point and you have to be prepared for them. First of all prepare some story about someone you know, who was a friend with a girl for a long time but then they fell in love, married and lived a long happy life. To make things more intense you can also tell a story about some other girl who didn’t want to date her friend and instead she started dating some jerk who later dumped her after she began pregnant and so on. You can also take her to a movie that has a plot where two long-time friends fall in love, such as “Sexdrive”.

My last advice for you is that you have to believe in yourself and in what you are about to do. I read somewhere that the most solid relationships start with a friendship and therefore if you persuade you friend into becoming your girlfriend, she will thank you later.

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