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Sunday, 29 January 2012 22:06
There are thousands of ways to get a date but there only a few that can be called the best ones. The best way is when you are able to get a date fast, easy and whenever you need without spending lots of cash. There a few places where people go to meet someone new and those are bars, clubs and various singles events.  We can also add dating websites to this category because almost everyone who has a dating profile on one of that website is interested in meeting someone.

Let’s first of all start with bars and clubs as the places to get a date. There are plenty of single girls in bars and clubs and you can easily get a phone number there. However to meet girls in bars and clubs, you will need to have some confidence because approaching a girl in a bar or a club carries a risk of getting a rejection.  On the positive side, approaching a girl in one of those places is the best way to get a date for a several reasons. First one is obvious; there are plenty of beautiful single girls in bars and clubs. The second reason why I think it is good way to get a date is because it is normal to approach girls in bars or clubs and nobody is going to think that you are creepy or desperate, but if you do it in grocery store, you might get completely different response. Obviously if you change you approach a bit, you can also approach girls in grocery store, but there it will be much harder to get girl’s phone number.

On other hand if you are not that confident, then the best way to get a date is by using online dating web sites.  There is some stigma associated with dating websites, but I know quite a few people who regularly get dates from dating websites and therefore you shouldn’t be ashamed for using dating websites.  I mean if you get dates with beautiful women,  who cares what your single friends think about you using dating websites. Number one mistake most guys make when they are trying to get a date is that they hide their true intentions and that is where girls might start to think that you are creepy. Your true intentions should be to meet a girl who is beautiful inside and outside. It is easy to see if the girl is beautiful physically but to find out about her inner beauty, you will need to have a couple of dates with her. Therefore if you want to be successful in dating you have to make it clear for every girl that you are not going to date her only because she is pretty and that instead you are looking for someone with a great personality and that is why you want to go on a date with her.

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