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Thursday, 02 February 2012 07:35

Many guys wonder if they should kiss on the first date or not. Your decision to kiss a girl should be based on a couple of factors. First one is whether you like a girl or not because kissing a girl in whom you don’t see a potential girlfriend is kind of a manipulation because the girl will be thinking that you like her. Another factor is whether you had a good conversation and whether she wants to be kissed.  You can figure out if the girl wants to be kissed by paying attention to her body language. Here are some strong signs that she likes you:

  • She smiles with relaxed face and you can see her both upper and lower teeth.
  • She wets her lips or bites them.
  • She protrudes her lips.
  • Her pupils are dilated and she looks deeply into your eyes.
  • Her legs are rubbing against each other or her crossed legs are pointed towards you.
  • She blows cigarette smoke towards you.

If you see a few of those signs then it is very likely that the girl wants to kiss you. Another reliable sign that the girl wants to be kissed is when she is looking at your lips.

Obviously there are also a couple of test you can take to see if your date wants to be kissed. First on is where you are throwing her hair from her shoulder and you watch how she reacts to this. Another test is to move closer into her personal space and to see if she moves away.

Most awkward kisses occur when the girl is not expecting to be kissed and to avoid this you need to give some hints to a girl that you want to kiss her and if she shows any of the signs above then you can safely kiss her. To prepare a girl for the kiss, first of all you need to have a romantic or playful conversation with her that would put you both at ease. After you are walking from a place you took a girl to, you can try to hold her hand and most girls will be ok with that as long as a date was successful. If she doesn’t mind you holding her hand and shows some signs I posted above then you can kiss her. Obviously you need to act very confident and just project the attitude that it is very normal for you to kiss on a first date. On other hand if you see that the girl is acting cold then I would not kiss her because it might be one of those awkward and unwelcomed kisses we all should try to avoid.

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