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Friday, 03 February 2012 07:41

Meeting a girl you met on online dating website for the first time makes even the most confident guy a little nervous. Fortunately most first dates with a girl you will meet online will be quite successful especially if there is already some chemistry between you two before you meet for the first time offline. However if you are still new to online dating, then you may encounter some disappointments and the most common one is when the girl you meet offline looks completely different from the photos she sent to you online. There are few reasons for that: the photos she sent you were taken a few years ago when she was much younger or the photos were photoshopped.

To avoid the situations like I described above, first of all before meeting offline you should talk with girl on a phone for a while, to find out if she is actual person and not some creepy dude. Also you should try to find out if she has Facebook and you should look over her Facebook page and see if the photos she sends to you are recent.  Facebook is extremely valuable tool in online dating because it allows you to find out lots of information from a girl before going on a date and all you need to do is to ask her to add you as a friend. If she refuses to add you as a friend, then I wouldn’t recommend meeting that girl offline because it is very likely that she is hiding something from you. Also you should be careful if the girl posts only photos of her face on her dating profile and if you are going to meet her offline then you should find some excuse and ask her to send you a full photo.

The best place for a first date with a girl you met online is some kind of coffee shop or low key restaurant in a public place. Going to expensive restaurant with a girl you never met before, might be a bad idea because it is hard to escape from there if the date turns out to be bad and besides that, you will probably be the one who will have to pay the whole bill. From my personal opinion, going to the expensive place on a first date with a girl you met on online dating site is extremely bad idea for a couple of reasons. First of all there are quite a few girls on online dating websites who only go on dates to get free food and to go to the movies for free, and who is paying for them? You. But let’s assume that you met a nice girl and you took her to expensive restaurant on a first date, the problem here is that for the second date she will expect the same kind of treatment or she might even think that you trying too hard to impress her. That’s why you should stick to Starbuck’s or bar for the first date with a girls that you meet on online dating websites.

My last advice is that you should use common sense and you will be successful in online dating, and in life in general.

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