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Saturday, 04 February 2012 07:32

There are thousands of cheap first date ideas and taking a girl to a cheap date doesn’t really mean that you don’t like. Obviously taking a girl to an expensive restaurant might get her interested in dating you but how will you find out if she is just dating you for your money? That is why taking a girl to a place where you don’t have to spend lots of cash might be a good idea, especially at the beginning when you are not sure if the girl likes you or not. Also some girls will think that you are trying too hard to impress them or even worse some might think that you want to get a key to their hearts through your money.

Anyways let’s talk about cheap first date ideas that will help you in getting to know a girl without hurting you financially. One cheap date place that almost always works is a coffee shop because it is a great place to enjoy a coffee with your date and you can seat on a comfortable sofas and have a nice conversation. From my personal opinion taking a girl to the restaurant is much worse idea because it is hard to talk to someone while they are eating but when you are drinking, then in it is another story.  Drinking coffee also helps to relax and being relaxed is something you definitely need, to have a good first date.

Another good idea for a cheap first date is to go to Dairy Queen, grab ice cream and take a walk in a park or along the river. For this date it obviously helps if the weather is warm and you live in a city where there are some nice views like lakes, rivers or parks. This date will be very cheap because all you have to pay for is for ice cream, but most girls will find this date extremely romantic because that is something that they always see in movies.  Going to her or your house might also be a good idea for a cheap date but most girls will think that you have some other intentions and therefore it will only work with girls whom you know for a while. However going to a house party might be a much more appropriate idea especially if the girl knows some people there.

There are many other ideas for a cheap first date and all you have to do is to use your imagination. Some guys are afraid to take a girl to a cheap date because they don’t want to be perceived as cheap, but I think that if the girl likes you she wouldn’t have any problems with that. If on other hand a girl is a golddigger, then she will probably never go with you on a second date, but why do you want to hang out with a girl like that if there thousands of other nice girls who are interested in you and not in your money. Obviously as you start dating, you will need to take a girl to expensive dates once in a while but for the first date when you are not sure if you like a girl or not, the cheap first date ideas I talked about will work well.

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