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Monday, 06 February 2012 06:26

Dating mature women is extremely fun and satisfying because most of the women, who are mature, don’t play any head games and they are just looking for a right guy. However the number one advantage of dating mature women, is that mature women can be both friend and lover because they can hold almost any conversation without switching to topics such as shopping, who loves who and why Justin Bieber is such a “great singer”.  Most teenage girls are looking for guys who are jerks, while mature women are more attracted to a nice type of guys.

If you are a nice guy and you don’t want to become jerk just because it will attract more attention from teenage girls, then you should consider dating mature women who are interested in your personality and not in how spiky your hair are or whether you have six-packs or not, though having six-packs will never hurt.  There is no certain age when girls become mature and they are actually starting to look for a guy who will make a good husband. Most women become mature after they finished university and got a stable job, where they worked for a few years. After a girl realises that she achieved financial independence she becomes more mature and starts seriously thinking about getting married before she gets too old. At this age most women will not try to play any head games with you because they are too afraid to lose you, since with age it becomes harder and harder to attract guys.

To find mature women you should go to places where most professionals go and those places are gyms, libraries, conferences, various development events and even Starbucks. I found that there are many professionals in Sturbacks as opposing to Tim Hortons and I guess it has to do with amount of disposable income.  Anyways to strike a conversation with woman you like, you should chose some neutral topic and just ask a question about it and after that just try to develop the topic, while paying attention to woman’s body language to see if she enjoys your company. Many mature women are married and to avoid any misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations, pay attention to woman’s fingers and check whether she has a marriage ring before asking her out or making any advances.

Also you need to remember before trying to get into relationship with a mature woman, that those women are more sincere and any break up will hurt them really bad and therefore if you are just looking to have a good time you should stick to girls you meet in bars and clubs.

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