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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 06:58

Dating girls in college is easy and fun because most girls, who go to college, are very beautiful and are looking to have fun. However you do need some confidence and skills to be able to get a girlfriend in college because you will be faced with a stiff competition from other guys. First of all, if you want to be successful in college dating, start paying attention to your looks. By paying attention to your looks I mean regularly exercising, getting a nice haircut and wearing nice clothes. You don’t really have to spend much money on clothing, since you can buy cheap brand name clothes from outlets or online.

The next step you need to take to be successful in dating girls in college is to get as many friends as possible, both males and females. The more friends you will have, the more attractive you will look in front of college girls because girls are attracted to popular guys. To get more friends in college and to meet college girls, start attending various parties and join a couple of clubs. Girly clubs such as Salsa club will work as well, because most of the people who take dance classes are girls. Also try to strike up a conversation with every girl you come around and to do so, all you need to do is to ask some question or just ask girl’s opinion on something.

Most girls in college are down to earth, even though some may look like they have a very stuck up personality. Number one reason why some guys are not able to find a girlfriend in college is because they are making too many assumptions about the girls they never talked about. If you don’t believe me, next time you see a pretty girl, come up to her and just ask her something or say hi and see how she reacts. In my opinion college is the easiest place to meet girlfriend or even future wife, because every day you are surrounded by thousands of gorgeous girls and if you don’t take chances in college then you feel bad about it later, when you become older.

Obviously you will have to face some rejections in college but if you try hand, at the end it will all pay off. Rejections are not that bad because it is just a feedback about you and instead of feeling bad about being rejected, try to see how you can improve yourself. I can also guarantee you that if you try hard enough, then you have no problems meeting and dating girls in college.

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