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Friday, 24 February 2012 22:47

I wondered for a while whether dating advice from women to men will in reality help some men in getting girlfriends. I mean going to a girl who is your good friend and asking her about some dating advices that she can give it to you might sound like a perfect plan but unfortunately the advices you get will never help you. The problem doesn’t stop there, because besides failing with girls using the advices you got, you will also start to blame yourself and your looks, while the truth is that women have no idea what they want and the dating advices women give to men will never work. Women are not looking for any particular type of man while some of them will claim that they do. Most woman just want to feel good and the problem is that some of them think that hanging out with a nice guy who behaves well, will make them feel good. However this reasoning is not valid because I bet that you already know that nice guys who behave like a gentlemen almost always are single.

The most common dating advice from women to men is to be a nice guy but as I already mentioned, this advice is useless and if you decide to use it, you will fail even further. But why girls say that they want a nice guy while they are keeping dating jerks? Most people associate the word nice with good and some women wrongly believe that hanging out with a nice guy will make them feel good, but it never happens and therefore they hang out with jerks that have some other quality that are able to turn women on. All jerks are confident and most girls are extremely turned on when they are interacting with a confident guy.  Being extremely confident for a guy is the same as having model body for a girl and yes confidence is able to make almost every girl physically and mentally attracted to you.

The next question is why women tell men to be nice instead of being confident? The answer to this question is that most women do not notice why they are becoming attracted to a guy and they would say that the guy was just able to sweep them of their feet or they may even blame this attraction on a love from the first sight. Many things in our world are hard to notice and those processes happen at unconscious level. Let’s take for example breathing, I bet you had no idea that you are actually consuming oxygen before being told so by scientist who found out about it by doing observations. Thesame logic applies to women and if you want to understand them, then you need to make observation about their behaviour and be very sceptical to whatever the dating advice they might have for you.

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