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Monday, 27 February 2012 07:20

It might be quite hard to find a place to talk to girls for free online, because there are very few free honest dating websites, where you can actually meet lots of girls without being asked for your credit card number. There thousands of dating websites that claim that you will be able to talk to girls for free online as soon as you sign up, but unfortunately most of them will set some limits on how many messages you can send or they will give you a few days of trial period and after that period ends, they will ask you to purchase a membership. There is nothing wrong with paying for online dating and there are actually quite a few dating websites that are actually working and where you can meet hot girls, but you do have to pay for their services. The websites that you should avoid are the ones that hide the fact that you have to pay and besides that those websites usually have a database of fake users that will contact you and even ask for a date, just to get you to sign up for a paying membership.

Now that you are familiar with some dangers of online dating, let`s talk about websites that work and where you can talk to girls for free online. One of those websites is Oasis, this website is fairly new but it has a very large number of users from all over the world and this website is actually 100% free.  After you registered it is always a good idea to create a nice profile and upload a few pictures. Many girls are afraid of meeting creepy guys and the best way to avoid being creepy is to write a nice profile describing who you are and what kind of girls you are looking for.  The main point of profile is to show all girls who will visit you page that you are a normal guy. Your profile should also try to capture girl’s attention and to do so, talk about exciting topics and upload a few photos where you are doing something fun.

After you created your dating profile it is time to start talking to girls and to do so you just need to search for girls in your area and message the ones you are interested in. Obviously you will not get reply for every of you message but you shouldn`t worry about it, because you never know why girl doesn`t want to talk to you. It might be that is she is shy, lives in another city or she has a fake profile. Some girls will make a first step and will contact you first, but in my opinion if you see an attractive girl, just message her and don`t wait until she messages you first, because this might never happen and you will lose your chance in dating that girl.

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