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Friday, 02 March 2012 07:10

Dating Australian women is not different than dating any other women and all it takes is some confidence, social skills and obviously some luck.  Almost everyone has enough confidence to talk to women but what is actually stopping you is not knowing what to say when you approach or talk to the girl you like. I will assume that you have some troubles approaching random single women on a street and I will show you a plan how to become good at talking to Australian women and actually getting dates. The easiest place to learn how to talk to Australian women is online and the good place to start is here. If you follow the link I have an article there that describes how to create dating profile and start talking to girls.

Now let’s talk about getting girls interested in you and actually getting dates with Australian women. After you registered on a dating website and got a reply from a girl, that is where actually the most challenging part of online dating starts, because you need to have enough skills to be able to attract and keep women interested in you. Here are some questions to ask women you are interested in online to create an emotional connection with them.

You: What is your favourite movie?

Single Australian woman: I actually really enjoyed watching Twilight.

You: Where were you born?

Single Australian woman: Oh, I actually was born in England but I moved to Australia, when I was just five years old.

You: If you had to change something in you past what would it be?

Single Australian woman: I should have never felt in love with my last boyfriend, because he was such a jerk.

You: What do you think the most important factor in a perfect relationship?

Single Australian woman: The ability to trust another partner is very important.

You: What are your passions?

Single Australian woman: I want to find a perfect man, because having family is very important for me.

I listed some basic questions and answers that you can use to make Australian women you talk online interested in you. The order in which I listed questions is very important because they go from the most basic ones to more intrusive ones and you need to make women comfortable before you can ask those questions. If you carefully read the answers you will note that those answers will give you plenty of material you can talk about with women to get to know them even deeper. Most guys on dating websites only talk about shallow stuff and if you will be able to have a deeper conversation with Australian woman you like, she will be more than happy to go on a date with you to find out more about you.

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