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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 01:03

Starting a conversation with a girl you like should be easy, but most guys find it quite challenging and actually scary and there are few reasons for that. First one is that you are afraid to make a bad first impression and the second one is that you are afraid to get rejected. It is not hard to avoid making bad impression by approaching a girl when she is comfortable talking, for example while she has lunch alone or sits in a class. Rejections can also be avoided by not asking her on a date or for her phone number, especially if you know that you will see that girl again because she is from your school, college, work or gym. However if you think that you might never see her again, then you should definitely get her number or Facebook.

When you approach a girl be confident and don’t attach lot’s of meaning to a result, because you goal should be to approach her and have a conversation with her, but if you get a date or number it will be just a bonus. Some people advise to smile when approaching girls and I agree that smiling will not hurt your chances but if you don’t know how to smile without looking creepy, don’t do it. Many girls actually like guys who have serious faces because it adds some mystery, but you do need to be relaxed and confident. However later in conversation you do need to smile to show a girl that you are enjoying her company, in other words, only smile when you feel comfortable doing so because the last thing you want to do is to fake your body language and if you didn’t get enough practice, girls will easily see that you are faking something and they will think that you are creepy. There is nothing wrong when someone calls you creepy as long as you adjust your behaviour because it is just a feedback. If you act confidently and honest, nobody will call you creepy, but they might call you jerks. (Jerks do get girls, so it is better to be a jerk than a creep). Here is the list of lines you can use to start a conversation with a girl you like, because you do need to say something when approaching girls.

Hi, how is it going?

I don't know anyone here, so I figured out I would talk to you. My name is...

You seem like a friendly girl, can I get to know you?

That's a hot day today. Do you like a hot weather?

I am [NAME], how are you doing today?

That's a nice phone/ebook/ipod, where did you get it?

Do you know any good place to go out around here?

Do you come here a lot?


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