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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 02:22

Did ever girl told you that you are creepy or she said that something you are doing is creepy? It happens to all of us, but what does the word creepy even me? In my opinion girl calls a guy creepy when he completely mismatches her map of the world. Here are a few examples of what girls might find creepy:

  • You are keeping talking to a girl, even though she made it clear that she is not enjoying your company.

  • You are approaching a girl who is much younger, older or of complete different social status.

  • You are acting needy

  • You don’t have any confidence and instead of going for what you want, you act as a nice guy but it comes out as creepiness. ( Ex. Someone is talking a picture of you and a girl and instead of grabbing her shoulder, you hold your hand a few inches from her shoulder without touching it)

  • You are starting to grind on a random girl in a club, without her even noticing it.

In another words if you are creepy, it means that you lack confidence and you are trying to hide your intentions. Unfortunately sometimes girls will abuse word creep just to make you feel bad and that is why I am going to talk what to do if a girl calls you creep. Obviously it is better to avoid being creepy but if you see that the girl calls you creep just to look cool you can use some of the methods I will show you. Very few people know how define word creep and that is why younger girls use creep word more than more mature ones who actually know how to explain their disinterest without putting a guy down.

Here some comebacks you can use, if a girl calls you creepy (you can also use this for weird, crazy and all other names girls like to call guys)

  • If you are with a friend, give him a weird look and say let’s go I think we are just wasting time with those village girls. ( It doesn’t matter if they are from a village, small town or whatever and all you are saying is that you think that they don’t know how to interact with guys)

  • What exactly is creepy about what I just said? If you don’t know any other words to describe how you feel about what I just said, you should be at home right now trying to broaden you vocabulary.

  • Do you really think that anyone who asks for a girl’s number is creepy? Or is that just the first time when a guy asked you for your number?

  • Who says so? Do you call every guy you meet creepy only because he is acting friendly? Did you ever have a boyfriend?

  • I know. I am obviously creepy for asking for your number, because no one in their right mind would even approach you.

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