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Thursday, 05 April 2012 05:34

Approaching single women can be very intimidating especially if you are not rich, don’t have have looks of Brad Pitt or voice of Enrique Iglesias. However it doesn’t mean that you can’t get girls like all those guys do, but you will need to work on yourself a little bit to be the best you can. We are being constantly told that you need to have this or that to attract single women. Every day on TV we are being shown pictures of guys with cars/houses/platinum visa cards and so on and then we see a picture of heavenly looking girls checking those guys out. The main point of TV advertisement is to make you think that you need to have all those things to attract those gorgeous girls. The sad part is that all those things are not really necessarily and all you need to attract girls is confidence.

Confidence is a magic trait and it turns women on the same way guys are being turned on by a figure of a model in bikini. To be confident when approaching women you need first of all to realize what causes this fear. I mean there thousands of more dangerous thing than approaching single women but most guys will be more willing to jump from a cliff than approach a pair of hot girls. So what is the matter?

Guys are afraid to approach girls because of the fear of rejection and they make assumption that if the girl turns them down then it means that there is something wrong with them and no other girl will ever like them. Those are foolish assumptions because that is the same as saying that if someone is not buying Iphone , then it means that Iphones are useless. People have different tastes and you should be aware of that, if one girl doesn’t like you, there thousands of other who will. Some guys are afraid to approach girls because of the fear that other people will see an approach and will think something bad. Yes some people might see how you approach girls, but does it really matter if some fat dude will think that you are loser because you got rejected? It doesn’t, because at least you are doing something instead of judging others and staying single and miserable forever.

Another topic I want to discuss is the nice guy vs. jerk theory. Many people think that girls are only attracted to jerks and nice guys will never find a decent girlfriend. That is a big misconception because what really happens is that girls are attracted to jerks only because they are confident and as I mentioned, confidence is everything when it comes to dating. Therefore if you are nice guy you need to get some confidence instead of becoming a jerk.  As I already mentioned women attracted to personality and that is why jerks cannot keep woman interested for a long time. The same goes for guys who are good looking or rich, but don’t have any personality.

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