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Friday, 06 April 2012 04:52

Wonder what is the best free dating website that will help you in getting woman of your dream? And so did me, when I just found out that it is possible to meet gorgeous women online without leaving my house. I joined a few websites such as pof and okcupid, but most of the girls there were either ugly or the average looking ones, who rarely replied to my messages. That forced me to join Match, where I had to pay but I cancelled my account after a month because I found another free dating website, where I was able to get at least one date every week.

Anyways I will stop with my story and let’s instead discuss what it means “the best free dating website”. For me the free part of the sentence means that website will never charge you for anything and will never ask for your credit card. I am pretty sure you already have some experience with free dating websites and you know that most girls never reply to your messages even if you spend half an hour writing them. Is it even fair and why the girls are not replying? There number one reason why girls are not replying is because they are either fake or use the website only to turn guys down, to increase their own self esteem because nobody approaches them in real life. So just keep away from the sites where most women are not serious about dating. As I mentioned I tried quite a few dating websites and the one where I met the most decent girls is Oasis.

I found Oasis because one of my friends recommended it and I decided to try it because it was completely free. I was greatly surprised when I got a date with a girl and when I met her she was actually the same as in her photos.  After I started to get dates from Oasis, I deleted my pof account because honestly I was too ashamed to use it, since most girls on the website are fat and obnoxious.  I am not saying that the website I am using right now is ideal, but I can always get a girl in less than a week. From my experience there all kind s of girls on Oasis, some are looking to find a friend or boyfriend while others just want someone to fool around with.

I don’t know if you are looking for a girlfriend or just quick fling, but I would give a try to Oasis because it worked for me and besides that the website is completely free and you have nothing to lose. I am not sure if the website will stay free forever but while it is free you should definitely try it for yourself and who knows maybe that is where you will meet that special girl who will rock you world.

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