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Thursday, 31 May 2012 21:05

To date single girls and women in Karachi first of all you need to have enough confidence to approach them. However just approaching a single woman will not automatically make her attracted to you and therefore you should be able to strike an engaging conversation that will show woman that you are interesting guy with a good personality. Here I will list some conversation starters that you can use to approach single girls and women in Karachi in places such as clubs, bars, street, buses, and trains or even on a street.

1) You: Where did you get this shirt, I never saw anyone wearing something similar before

Karachi woman: I brought it from Italy, when I was on vacation there.

You: Cool, Italians do know how to make stylish clothes and cars.

Karachi woman: Yeah they do, however most of the clothes there are really expensive but I guess it worth it.

2) You: You seem to be very interested in this book, what are you reading?

Karachi woman: Oh I am reading Fifty Shades of Grey; I know what you are thinking haha.

You: Actually, I never heard about this book before, what is it about?

Karachi woman: It is about a relationship between recent college graduate and billionaire. This book is actually quite well known, so I have no idea why you never heard about it.

3) You: This bag looks heavy, must be all those heave science textbooks.

Karachi woman: Yeah you are actually right; I am in engineering so I have to carry many thick books.

You: You sound quite outgoing for an engineer, how do you like it so far?

Karachi woman: It is actually not that bad because there are very few girls in my engineering class and all guys are more than willing to help me with studies.

You: You are lucky

4) You: How often do you come here?

Karachi woman: I come here every weekend, I love this place.

You: Yeah this place looks awesome and the music is nice, do you come here with friends?

Karachi woman: Yes, my girlfriend actually went to bar to get some drinks.

You: Do you know any other good clubs in Karachi?

Karachi woman: There are a few other good places because Karachi is a big city, but this place is my favourite.

5) You: You must be a teacher.

Karachi woman: Yes I am, how do you know?

You: I noticed that you have math book for grade 5 in your bag, and I am pretty sure you are not taking grade 5 classes.

Karachi woman: I actually teach grade five and I am quite enjoying it.

You: I heard teens are really rude in high school to their teacher, how do you deal with that?

Karachi woman: I actually got used to it because it is just the way teens are. I was a teen twenty years ago and I wasn’t the nicest student either so I guess now is payback time haha.

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