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Monday, 04 June 2012 00:44

Malls are full of single girls and women who don’t really mind if you approach them, as long as you are acting as a normal social guy who just likes to talk to people. When meeting single women in mall you need to be very indirect because most women there are not going to give you their number if you directly ask for it because it is a mall, and not a club or bar. Anyways if you want to approach, meet and attract single girls or women in malls and big stores, here are some conversation starters that will help you in engaging women in a conversation and if you show enough personality, they will be more than willing to share their numbers or even go on a date with you.

1. You: This dress looks gorgeous on you, my sister has similar one and she just loves it.

Girl in a mall: Thank you. I actually got it as a present for my eighteens birthday.

You: The person who gave it to you must have a really good taste in fashion.

Girl in a mall: My mom gave it to me. She does have a good fashion taste.

2. You: Those are nice sunglasses, where did you get it.

Girl in a mall: Thank you, those glasses actually are not sold here in Canada and I got it from a friend who brought them from Italy.

You: What a shame, I just love this style; I guess I will have to get them when I go to Europe this summer.

Girl in a mall: Lucky you, which countries are you planning to visit there?

3. You: That is a nice shirt, is that from Armani Exchange store?

Girl in a mall: Yes, I bought it there last week, not sure if they have any left though.

You: I hope they do, because my sister’s birthday is tomorrow and I think she will be more than happy if I buy her this shirt, especially if I will find a pink one.

Girl in a mall: Clothes are nice presents, though you need to know the size, because if it slightly off, your sister might not want to wear it, because we girls a picky haha

4. You: Hey, you seem to have a good fashion taste, do you know where I can get a nice sunglasses in this mall?

Girl in a mall: You can try the store on the second floor, though I don’t really remember what was it is name, but I am going upstairs, so if you want I can show you where that is.

You: Yes, it would be nice if you could show me, because honestly I am always getting lost in this mall.

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