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Monday, 09 July 2012 04:13

Parks are places where single girls and women go to relax and that is why meeting them in park can be really easy if you have a right approach. Parks are usually full of gorgeous women jogging, walking, reading, riding roller blades and etc. Approaching girls in parks can be done by asking them some question or just by making a comment. As long as you are not directly hitting on a girl, she will not reject you. However sometimes making a comment about girl’s appearance can also work if you make it sound non-sexual. For example “You have a nice stomach, you must be working out a lot”.

Best time to go to parks to meet single women are evenings or during lunch hours, especially if the park is located in downtown, because that is usually where office workers go to take a break. Now the question you might have is to how to know if the girl you are interested in is actually single. There is no easy way to find out; however checking if she has a marriage ring may save you from trouble. The rule of thumb is that if the girl is alone in a park then it is very possible that she is single because otherwise she would be spending time with her boyfriend. That is why if you see a beautiful girl you want to approach don’t hesitate and instead of guessing just start talking to her and later in a course of conversation you will find out if she is taken or not.

As I already mentioned, the best way to approach a girl in park is by asking some question. If for example she has roller blades on, you can ask her where she bought her roller blades and then tell her a story how a few years ago you bought some cheap ones and you hurt you leg and just continue talking about some random stuff. Making a comment is also a good way to start a conversation, for example if there is a beautiful sunset, you can always tell a cute girl standing close to you something like “That is a nice sunset, don’t you think so?” After that, just start talking about how you enjoy sunsets and then switch to your love of nature in general and just keep talking as long as you see that girl is actually interested in whatever you have to say.

After you talked to a girl in a park for 10-20 minutes and you see that she might be interested in you, try to get her number by saying something like “I really enjoyed talking to you, but I need to go now, how about you give me your number and we talk later over a cup of coffee?”

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