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Friday, 20 July 2012 03:11

Summer is here and beaches are full of gorgeous single women trying to show off their bodies and get tan to look even better at the same time. I am pretty sure every guy who been to the beach wondered how he can approach those women. Well, approaching women on a beach can be scary because there is a bunch of other people laying around and they will probably see you approach and most importantly – an outcome of your approach. Obviously you probably already heard a hundred times that there is nothing to lose and you should just do it because it doesn’t really matter what other people might think, but if you are still not ready to approach random girls on a beach and start a conversation with them, there are other ways to do so where you can completely eliminate any chance of embarrassment. To do so, get a ball with you to the beach and just start playing with your friend and after five minutes come up to any single girl you see and ask if she want to join the game. Most girls are bored from laying on a beach and they will be more than happy to join. After girl starts playing with you, it will be much easier for you to start a conversation with her and get her number. Another advantage of this is that if she refuses to give you the number, she will be the one leaving the game. At least that’s what other people on a beach will see.

Direct approach, where you just approach random girls on a beach is much more powerful, because it requires less time from you, since you pretty much ask a girl if she wants to hang out with you or you get her number, after you only talked to her for less than ten minutes. Girls like confident guys and there is no better way to show your confidence than just approaching a beautiful girl in front of all other people on the beach. To start a conversation you can make a compliment, ask a question or just make a general comment about something you see.

You can compliment a girl on pretty much anything from her clothing to her body, depending on how confident or good looking you are. When approaching a girl on a beach by asking a question, try to ask something unique or just ask direct question about how is her day going or where is she from, if you suspect that she is from another town. As I already mentioned, you can start a conversation by making a comment about sea, beach, surrounding people, birds or any other general stuff. If she replies with a positive tone, just continue talking about whatever you mentioned and try to engage her into conversation.

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