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Tuesday, 24 July 2012 02:27

Bars are the most popular venues for meeting single girls and there are few good reasons for that. First of all girls who go to bars know that guys will approach them and therefore they will not freak out or create a scene if you come up to one of those girls and ask if you can get her number. Another reason why bars are good places to meet single women is because most girls in the bars are drinking and alcohol makes people feel more relaxed and more social. However approaching girls in the bars can be intimidating and scary for some people, especially at the beginning. The only way to get over this intimidation is by practicing because there is no magic pill that will make you confident in front of women.

When you are going out, don’t forget to wear some nice clothing, shoes and if possible get a good haircut. Looks are not important in making women fall in love with you, but looking sharp is crucial to leave a good first impression. There are two ways to approach girls in the bar: the direct way, where the girls knows that you are hitting on her and indirect way, where you are hiding your actual intentions by talking some non-sexual stuff. I prefer to do direct approach in bars because girls are expecting guys to hit on them and if you can do that with confidence you will not have any problems getting numbers. If you decide to go with indirect way, you will eliminate the number of rejection but it will take more time and some girls may think that you are just another friendly guy and not a potential boyfriend. Women are extremely turned on by confident guys and that is why if you have a chance to show your confidence - go ahead and impress the girl.

To approach girls in clubs you can make a compliment, ask a question or just make general comment about the situation. For example you can say that you like her jacket and ask what brand is that or where she got it. Add that you mother/sister/ex had similar one and they bought it in Europe, so you wondered if she is from Europe. You can also ask what drink she is drinking, what is that made of and whether she knows any other good drinks. After that just start talking about different types of alcohol: such as beer, whiskey, wine and etc. The point here is to try to make girl to talk about something she likes or enjoys doing. If the place is empty you can just come up to the girl and say something like “This place is empty do you wanna girls come sit with us?”

Meeting women on bars is easy and all you need is to start, after that you will get rid of all your fears and it will actually become fun for both you and the girls you are approaching.

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