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Thursday, 17 January 2013 00:45

Many single guys are wondered at one or another point of their life's whether pheromones can help them to find a girlfriend. I had a chance to get hold of some pheromones and I will share with you the results I saw. I purchased Scent of Eros and used it a few times when hanging out with friends, going to dentist and going clubbing.

After trying Scent of Eros I can tell you that it does have some effect on people around you but it is different from what you might expect from pheromones. What I noticed was that people around me were more respectfully and were more willing to listen to my advices and actually follow them. I also think that this fragrance was giving me some alpha male traits because girls were more attracted to me than usual but at the same time they were slightly intimidated and were afraid to do the first step. When I wore scent of Eros to the club I noticed that girls were actually giving me lots of eye contact and most of the ones I approached were willing to dance. Guys on other hand seemed to be completely ignoring me, I guess they could feel that I have some extra advantage with girls. I also think this pheromone had some effect on me as well, because I was acting more confident and I was keeping much stronger eye contact than usually.

From my experience pheromones can give you extra edge, but you will still need to do all the first steps: approaching girls, starting conversation and getting their numbers. However if you do those steps from what I saw, girls will be more willing to get to know you. I think pheromones can be especially helpful to someone who always finds himself in friend zone because girls think he is either too nice or shy and afraid to show his man's side. On another hand if you already too alpha they may actually hurt your chances with girls because girls might be too afraid to even hangout with you. The only way to find out if pheromones will help you in getting girls is to try. Most pheromones are not that expensive and the results you get may well worth the money you spent. 20% Off Love-Scent Pheromones at love-scent.com. Use code: 20offpheromones

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