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Thursday, 31 January 2013 05:00

It is very easy to approach girls if you actually know how to strike the conversation. In this article I am going to talk on how to strike a conversation by talking about the dress girl is wearing. As in most other situations we will try to compliment her on her dress or ask question or her opinion related to her dress or style in general.

The easiest way to approach a girl who is wearing more or less a unique dress is to say something like "I like your dress" or "You look good in this dress". More indirect approach will be to say "I like your style" or "That is a cool dress". If she reacts positively to your comment you can either start with direct "How are you?" or "What are you up to?" Indirect comment would be to ask where she got that dress and then start talking about shopping in general, but you need to be careful with indirect approach because she might just label you as a nice guy and not a potential boyfriend. However in some situations using indirect approach is the only way to go because otherwise it might be just inappropriate.

Other good questions to ask are "Do you get many compliments from guys on your dress?”, "You look like someone who is very picky about what to wear, are you?", “That’s a very unusually dress and I mean it in good way", "Where do you go shopping?", "How often do you go shopping". Also if she is wearing cute skirt, shorts, shirt or top, you can talk about it as well. As long as you are confident, she will very likely respond positively to whatever you have to say. It is not easy to be confident the first time you approach a girl, but after a few approaches everything will be much easier. The hardest step is just to start approaching girls, but after that everything will become much easier and you will have no problems meeting and attracting new girls, whenever you want.

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