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Monday, 04 February 2013 03:17

It doesn't matter whether you want a girlfriend, friend or a wife, at the beginning you still need to approach a person you don’t know and start a conversation. In this article I will talk about how to start conversation with random girls by talking about their music tastes. If however you don’t have enough confidence to even approach a girl, please read other articles on this website that deal specifically with this area of dating. However the main thing that will help you to overcome approach anxiety is practice. There is no magic pill that will help you get confidence and if you don’t practice in approaching girls you will always have problems getting girlfriends. Anyways let's assume that you are confident enough to approach a girl, so how do you start a conversation with her? If she is wearing earphones, tell her that whatever she is listening to sounds familiar and ask her what that is. If you know the band, great, if not ask her what kind of music genre is that?

Girls like to talk about the music and all you need to do is to start the conversation. Yes, I know, it may feel unnatural to approach a person you don't know and start asking him such personal questions, but just stop for a second and imagine yourself in her place, you are sitting and some girl approaches you and asks about whatever you are listening to, would you have a problem with that or would you just react positively to her? One thing you should always remember is that girls in general like to be approached. The ones that claim that they hate when guys approach them, usually never get approached for one reason or another.

Some other question to ask her to keep the conversation flowing is to say something like “Why do you like that specific band?", "Did you always listen to this genre of music?", "How does it make you feel when you listen to it?” .Then try to see if she is a party girl, by asking if she likes to dance and whether she likes to go to clubs. Ask her where she usually goes clubbing and so on. After you talked for a while, get her number and leave, before she says something like “I need to go to". This way you will not come across like just another desperate dude.

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