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Monday, 04 February 2013 03:45

Many guys who are trying to find a girlfriend are discouraged by the fact that for them it feels like there is nothing they can talk about when they meet a girl. However this is not true because every one of us has large number of life experiences that we can share with a girl. Today I am going to talk about how you can use travel as a topic for conversations. Travel is quite an exciting topic and most girl you meet, will be more willing to talk about the great travel experiences they had instead of boring topics such as work or how her day was. Another reason why discussing travel with a girl will increase her attraction to you is because whenever she will talk about what happened to her while she traveled she will need to relive all the events in her head and this will bring many positive feeling and she will start to associate those positive emotions with you.

So how do we bring topic of travel into the regular conversation? Easily, just ask her if she likes to travel or even better tell her that she looks like someone who likes to travel. Ask where she travelled on her last vacation and whether she really enjoyed it. You can also ask who did she go with and whether she would go there again if she had a chance. To move conversation into a more personal direction, ask if she is adventurous or not. Ask her what kind of adventurous or risky things she did lately and whether the risk worth the results. You can also tell her about you travel experience but make sure it is something really exciting. Talk about how you took a risk by befriending someone and then how it was the best decision you ever made. The point here is to try to put an idea in her head that it is completely ok do go out with stranger (like you) even if it seems scary at first because she might be missing many crazy and fun things by deciding not to.

Other interesting topic to talk about that is related to travel is about people who live in other countries and how their culture and behaviour is different from ours. Talk about you recent travel to some remote place and how you were surprised when you saw that girls in other countries are more mature and are not afraid to meet other people or go right away on date just after meeting someone. Here again you should try to make her think that going out with you is completely normal.

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