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Sunday, 03 March 2013 05:45

Want to learn how to meet single women in Edmonton? Meeting single women is extremely easy but you do need confidence or at least ability to approach them girls. Let’s assume you go to a Starbucks and you see a woman who seems to be sitting alone, how do you get her number? You need two things: knowing what to say and confidence. Interesting thing is that if you have confidence you will usually know what to say because you will be calm when approaching women and therefore you will think more clearly.

When approaching a girl in Starbucks just ask her a question like "Do you know where is the good place to eat here" or ask a question about something she is wearing or she has. For example if she has a nice jacket, say something like "Nice jacket, where did you buy it" or "I am looking to get a present for my sister, can I ask you where did you get the jacket you are wearing? It will be a perfect present for her. “Obviously if you see that the girl is bored, seem to look around or makes eye contact with you, then you can just say "Hi, how are you doing or how is your day?" Most girls want to be approached by guys, but unfortunately they only get approaches by drunk guys in clubs or bars and that is why some of those girls might say that they don't like when guys approach them. If however you approach Edmonton women sober and with relaxed and friendly vibe, she will be more than willing to talk to you.

You may run in to trouble when getting numbers from Edmonton women because some of them can be quite conservative or they might just have a boyfriends or husbands. You should be prepared to get rejections once in a while. Fortunately most of those rejections are simple "I married or I have a boyfriend" and I am sure you are man enough to get over it. Getting dates with Edmonton girls can be a number game at the beginning, if you don't have enough skills or you are not experienced in picking up girls, but with time it will get much better. But even if it is a number game, assume you go out for few hours and you approach 10 girls and 3 of them give you their numbers, later you call all of them and one agrees to go on a date with you, it still better than sitting home alone.

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