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Sunday, 03 March 2013 06:07

Meeting single women in Calgary is not hard and all you need is some confidence and ability to talk. Let's assume you go on a street and then suddenly you see beautifully woman in her late twenties sitting on the bench. How you should act to get her number and maybe a date with her later. First of all, don't wait too much time and just approach her by asking direction or asking if you can sit with her and then start talking about weather or ask how her day is going. When you ask if you can sit, notice how she answers, if the reaction is positive immediately go to how are you doing or even better "Hello, I am ..., what is your name?" By being direct you will show that you are confident and she will not have to wonder what you want from her.

Here is a simple conversation questions to get this Calgary woman interested in you. How is your day going? What did you do today? I am new here what are some good clubs, bars and restaurants here in Calgary? Do you go out a lot? Are you working or going to school? How do you like it? What did you enjoy more college or high school and why? You look athletic, do you work out? Where do you workout? Do you play any sports? Do you like hiking? You must be adventurous, what is the most adventurous thing you did lately?

After you talked for 5-10 minutes, tell that girl that you really enjoyed talking to her but you need to go and get her number, before she says that she needs to go. If she hesitates in giving the number just say that you thought that she was a cool person you wanted to stay in contact, but if she doesn't want it is cool. Don't force the woman you meet in Calgary to give you their numbers, but be persistent. What I mean by that is that if she says something like " I don't give my number to people I don't know", don't just go with ok, but instead say "I bet you all you friends, were strangers to you at some point". If at this point she still resists and you can see that she is being serious, then it is time to go, tell her that it was nice talking to her and leave. There are thousands of single friendly women in Calgary and there is no point for you to spend time on someone who is being cold to you.

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