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Sunday, 03 November 2013 07:06

Let me first tell you about myself and this hopefully will answer some of the questions you might have about my free Findgirlfriendonline.com  website with extremely useful dating tips and tricks, that's is available to virtually anyone. I am a guy in my early twenties who spent last five years studying the theory behind dating and pickup in general. I read dozens of dating books, went out to bars/clubs/malls to practice whatever I learned. Most of the stuff I read didn't work while I practiced in real life situations, while some did work and on this website I will only post tips and advices that do work, so that you don't have to spend 5 years reading a bunch of useless books and going on hundreds dates before you will be able to find love of your life.

Now I have a gorgeous girlfriend who truly loves me and I am 100 percent positive that I only got her because of all the practice I did. I am not really sorry that I spent so much time reading all the dating material I could find because I was able to use all the skills I learned not only in dating, but also to get a good job and built a life I always wanted to have. Learning the material I will show you, will improve all areas of your life. Additionally to reading dating books written by pickup artists, I also read dozen books on psychology, biology and persuasion because I wanted to know where it all ties together. I wanted to find some kind of magic equation that would help me understand why men and women fall in love. I had a bunch of question in my head that I couldn't answer:
• I couldn't understand, why some girls would go with jerks instead of me?

•Why some women wouldn't go on a second date while first date seemed to be perfect?

• Why girls would stop talking to me after I showed interest in them?

•Why girls become so emotional about things that don't really matter?

•Why she would not pickup her phone or answer text messages?

•Why she would break up with you, even though everything seemed to be so perfect?

•Why asking girls to take you back or showing her that you cannot live without her drives them even further away?

•Why calling her often to see how she is doing seem to make her less attracted to you?

The funny thing is that even the guys who where good with women and had girlfriends couldn't answer those questions. It seemed that they were just lucky and were in a right time and at the right place and that is how they got their girlfriends. However I didn't want to be lucky, I wanted to know exactly what to do to get a girlfriend.

Before I started on my journey, I had some thoughts that were stopping me from learning this material. Some of them were time, money and lack of believe in the idea that it is possible to learn how to attract women. Fortunately I got over all those useless thoughts and did what really changed my life. For some guys it might even appear that it is not really important to know how to attract women and get a girlfriend. If you are one of those guys, I want you to ask yourself why do you really go to school, work, workout, study? If you go deeper you will see that most of those things are done to attract opposite sex, whether you consciously aware of it or not. It is not easy to live all your live alone and it is even harder to be happy when you don't have someone close to you like a girlfriend or a wife.

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