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Sunday, 03 November 2013 21:38

Any guy can look handsome if he spends some time working on his looks. There is nothing wrong with paying attention to how you look and there is nothing feminine about it. It is also true that there is nothing manly in being dirty and out of shape. It is not that hard to make yourself look attractive and to do so you need to take care of few things: your head, body and clothes you wear.

We will start with the head because it is the first body part that women notice when they see man. To look handsome first of all you need to get a haircut, you don't have to spend 50$ each month on your hair but your barber should be able to do with your hair what you tell him. If you don't know how you want to be cut, go to expensive salon once and get haircut there after that just remember what they did and when you go to your usual barber next time ask for the same haircut. Good haircut can make a big difference with your looks so do not skip this part. Another thing you need to take care of is your face. Purchase some high quality face wash and moisturizer depending on how much money you have. Using quality face care products will help you to always look good and will also delay the aging process. If you are older fellow, invest in some anti aging creams such as Biotherm’s Blue Therapy serum. It might be slightly expensive but it does work and significantly improves look on your face in just one month. I used it for myself because I got a few free samples and it worked miracles. Even my mom said that the skin on my face looked like the one on a child, and believe me girls like to kiss a guy who has smooth skin on his face. Another thing I want to talk about is glasses. If you look great in glasses wear them, if not, get contact lenses. The year supply of contact lenses will cost you about $240 if you buy them online.

Now let’s talk about the rest of your body. The best way to make sure you body looks attractive is to exercise. It can be anything from going to gym to having a run a few times per week. Exercising will not only keep you in shape, but it will also improve the look of your skin and will help you to release pheromones that play big role in attraction. Working out also lowers stress levels and improves mood. It also has very positive effect on self esteem and confidence. In other words don't skip your work out if you want to look handsome. Another things you need to take care of is how your body smells and to avoid turning women off you should shower every day and use good deodorant, but avoid using strong smells that people will able to smell 10 m from you. If you have a chance, get a suntan once in a while, because almost everyone looks better with a slight tan. However don't forget to use sunscreen and I would also avoid tanning salons, because not only you will spend money but it also might have a negative effect on the health of your skin.

Last topic I want to talk about is clothing. Clothing can make a big difference on how people perceive you. You should always have some clothes that you can wear when you are going out. It doesn't have to be expensive but it should look good on your. Invest in some good jeans, few shirts and two pairs of shoes. Women just love shoes and there is nothing you can do about it. If you don't have much money, shop online. Most websites have large clearances and you can get brand name clothes extremely cheap, sometimes even cheaper than shopping for clothing in Walmart. In other words you don't need to be rich to look hot, but all you need to do is go and act.

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