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Thursday, 07 November 2013 04:36

Almost every woman wants a manly man. When I mean manly man, I mean someone who is very strong mentally, a guy who will pass every test girl throws at him. Obviously it doesn't hurt to be strong physically as well and in fact most women want man who is fit, however being strong emotionally is much more important. Women will always test you, especially in the first month after meeting you to see if you can control her and be the one who decides what’s going to happen and how. Some examples of tests are: asking you to buy things for her, choosing place to go even if you are paying, not answering your texts/calls, ignoring you, being slightly rude to you, cancelling dates on you without any solid reasons, not showing up on dates, talking about other guys and so on. Most girls are not even aware that they do that and when they guy leaves them or becomes rude to them they wonder about what happened.

Therefore you shouldn't get angry if the girl tests you, because it is just a way to see if you are a manly man. In most cases the best way to deal with test is to imagine that the girl you are interested in is behaving like a child and just smile about it. When I get a test I usually say "that's cute" and after that I can pretty much see how the girl in her head is thinking "ops why did I say it? If I continue, he might think that I am not mature and he will leave me" and this usually stops testing for a while.

Let’s look at example that happened with me, and see how I passed the test. I was seeing a girl for just one week and I could see that she wanted to take things to the next level but she was afraid that I will leave her after I sleep with her. It was right next day the tests began, first of all after I asked her to go out she asked "if I already missed her" and if I said yes she stopped replying to messages for a few hours, even though we decided to go out. Later I asked her again if we are going out, she just answered with “how are you” text. I said that I am great and asked if she is ok, she replied that she is fine. Later that night I sent her good night text, but she didn't even reply to me. I was angry and confused at the same time because everything seemed to be so good between us and then suddenly she turned cold. Luckily I remembered about testing and decided not to text her anymore until the next evening. I called her next evening and she answered but behaved extremely cocky on the phone and was like why you sound angry. The funny thing is that I was not angry but she expected me to because that is how all her previous boyfriends behaved. I told her that I will pick her from work in two days, said goodnight and hang up the phone. Next day I only texted her at night to say "good night, go to sleep" but she just replied “why are you telling me what to do?" I was even angrier but decided not to argue with her and just went to sleep. Next day I just drove to her work, without even texting her before hand, when she was done work we went to my car. I took her bags away from her and put it on the bumper of my car and then lifted her and sat her there. Then I looked into her eyes and didn't say a word for 30 seconds. I could see that she looked like a lost puppy looking for someone she can trust. Then I told her "I really like, you don't have to doubt me, I am not like other guys I am not going to leave you" and then kissed her. We made out for about five minutes. She looked all alive and happy because she understood that she found someone who can look past all her tests, and who is strong emotionally, to handle her. After that she became much more comfortable around me because now she knew that she could trust me.

Girls are looking for a man who can take over control, because they want to behave like little kids without a need to worry about anything. Women cannot relax and be comfortable with a man who is not able to handle their tests. And no it is not just my theory, my girlfriend told me that she always wanted to be with a guy who makes all the decisions and is mentally stronger than she is, but she never could find someone like that and that's why she broke up with her previous boyfriends. Remember be confident and be a man and you will be more attractive to girls than all the other guys who only have money or looks. I heard many times from my sister how she went on dates and guys were taking for hours straight about their problems. Unfortunately it turns most girls off because it feels like those guys are looking for someone who can help them with their issues and can be mom for them.

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