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Friday, 08 November 2013 03:49

There is a biological reason why most women want guys who are taller than them. Women want to be secure with the guy and feel that he can protect them. Some pick up artist are saying that height doesn't matter, but it does and it is pointless to argue about it. However it doesn't mean that if you are shorter you will have problems meeting women. You just need to meet someone who is shorter than you are. Ask yourself are you going to feel comfortable if the woman is taller than you? Probably not, but obviously there are exceptions.

However there are also some advantages of being shorter as well. One of them is that women are not intimidated by you and you are not looking like a threat to them and therefore it will be easier for you to start conversation with girls. Even if the girl will not want to date you she might introduce you to her sisters or friends who might be more interested in you. If you are tall on other hand you might also have problems getting a girlfriend because girls will probably be more afraid to strike a conversation with you and you will have to do all the first steps. You will also have to behave less aggressive than shorter guys or otherwise girls will be intimidated and might leave you. Another issue with being tall is that there is stereotype going around that all tall guys are players.

Height is not a deciding factor whether you will get a girlfriend or not. It will only make any difference if you approach girls who are taller than you are. But even then you can get away with being short by showing that you are extremely confident and believe me confidence is much important than how tall are you.

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