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Friday, 08 November 2013 04:40

Most guys have trouble talking to women, especially if they are interested in her. Even super social guys who seem to be able to talk to anyone, lose all their confidence when they meet someone they really like. This happens because their emotions take over. Therefore to be successful in talking to women you need to stop treating them any different than you would treat your friends or some random dude. Also keep in mind that there a bunch of girls you see every day who would be more than happy if you approached them because they want to get to know you but are too afraid to do anything about it. The number one fear that stops most men from approaching girls and getting girlfriends is fear of rejections. But what is in reality a rejection? Did anyone got hurt or died from it? No, so why everyone is afraid of it? Well it has to do with emotions and the way we evolved over last millennium. I am not going into the details, but if you are interested grab a book in a library on evolutionary psychology.

However from my experience I am still not able to figure out the positive side of fear of rejection and therefore I am just ignoring it. The funny thing is that after you get rejected a few dozen times you completely stop carrying about and many doors will start to open in front of you. However there is one personal quality we all have to certain extent that can help us when it comes to rejections and it is confidence. If you have confidence you will never have problems with meeting women. In fact you will be meeting more women than you can date.

Anyways, what do you say to women you meet? There are few ways to start conversation. First one is probably the simplest one and it is done by asking a woman you want to approach some question. After she gave you an answer you ask her more questions about the topic. After that you turn conversation into different direction and do some flirting. If she responds well, get her number. If not, just talk to someone else. Another way to start conversation is by complimenting her or commenting on something that she is wearing. This is a more direct approach but it does show that you are confident and it usually makes girls more attracted to you. The most direct method of starting conversation with girls is by saying something like “hi, how is it going?". This shows that you are interested in her in some way. Some guys are using pick up lines to pickup girls but I think it is better to stay away from pickup lines because most girls think that guys who use them lack confidence and have never approached girls before. And remember lack of confidence is always a turn off for girls.

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