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Sunday, 10 November 2013 02:16

If you ever been to bars then you know that there always good looking women there. However if you are like most of the guys you probably never approached any of them without getting drunk. Girls do get approached in bars quite often but most guys who do approach are either drunk or have no idea how to talk to women. When approaching girls in bars you should be confident, sincere and show that you are just talking to them because you are friendly guy and you just want to get to know them. Two types of guys women hate in bars are desperate guys who don't get clues and leave when girls are not interested and the second type are the guys who are acting creepy. In my experience girls call guy creepy when he lacks confidence and doesn't show his intentions (has hidden agenda). Good example of creepy guy is the guy who looks at hot girl but never approaches her, but continues staring at her.

Most girls do go to the bars to meet guys even though they might not admit it. Additional to that alcohol plays a role of a social lubricant and most girls will be more open for your approaches especially if you do that in a confident way. However there are some girls who do go to bar just to relax or chat with their girlfriends and those will usually be warm to your approaches but will decline any your advances. Most of them have boyfriends or married and therefore it is best just to leave them alone. Other type of girls who might reject you are the ones with overly inflated self esteem because of all the guys who approach them and some of them might even find it entertaining to reject guys. So if you meet those girls just ignore whatever they say and tell them "have fun" and leave them. There is no point to try to prove them anything because you will only be losing your time.

Fortunately there other girls who want you to approach them and strike conversation with them because they are either single, bored or just friendly and like to meet guys like you. The best way to approach girls in bar is by asking them something like "hey, how is you night going?" Or "hi, are you girls having fun?" Sometimes if I think that girls might be interested in me because I saw them throwing glances at me or if I feel very pumped or confident I would just approach them and say something like "hey, girls how are you, do mind if me and my friend join you?" Surprisingly in most cases girls will say yes, because they have no time to come up with reasons against it. I also think that it shows that you are extremely confident and girl's emotions kick in and she just says yes. After you are at their table, introduce yourself and just start talking about something interesting and see if you might click.

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