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Sunday, 13 April 2014 21:20

We all know that girls like to chat on the phone. However many men don't like to talk on the phone for a long time because they do not understand what you can talk on the phone about. And in this article you will learn how to correctly use your mobile phone, and what to talk about with a girl to seduce her.

In the twenty-first century mobile cell phones are extremely popular. Mobile communications are so captured the world that many are calling simply for the sake to find out how things work and what happened at the person during the last hour. And the female gender is the largest percentage of these victims.

Women love jerking off to chat on the phone with their friends and they do the same with the man they like. However many men don't know what to talk about with a girl on the phone. They don't know that if they will learn how to talk on the phone with girls that they will increase their skills in seducing women. And if you don’t learn at least some basic secrets of talking on the phone with a girl, then she will not consider you a perfect a man for her. So here are the secrets of using your mobile phone in seducing women:

What to do after you picked up the phone?  Many men do not know what to do, after they took girl’s phone number. Everything is very simple, just call. But it is not necessary to call a girl the day after meeting her. In this way, she'll think you have nothing to do and that she is the only interest in your life. But it also does not mean you need to call her too late, because she might forget about you. So the best option would be to call her after 2 days from meeting her. No need to talk for a long time for the first time, just ask her and ask what she was doing in such and such day and at such hour.

How to talk to a girl phone?

Oddly enough, but many guys think that you can talk with the girl, the same way as with their friends. However it is not really a case. When talking to a girl on the phone, you cannot use obscenities, joke at a very vulgar themes and be too serious. Remember, girls don't like too much shyness in males who do not feel comfortable with them. So relax, realise that the girl will be happy to chat with you and call her.

What you can talk about with a girl on the phone?

Find any reason for the call. It can be anything from "what is a good movie to watch, to tips on cooking some dishes. As soon as you start talking about the topic you chose, your communication will develop into a fascinating conversation that will last at least an hour if you ask many supportive questions and don’t interrupt a girl. But in any case do not start talking about football, politics and other purely male subjects.

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