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Saturday, 07 August 2010 06:48
It is not that hard to learn how to tell cute things to your girlfriend, however you need to learn how to do it right to avoid sounding insincere or fake. Before trying to make something up to tell your girlfriend, you need to know what girls like to hear. Girls are very different from guys, so things which may sound cute to you may not sound as cute to your girlfriend. If you didn’t know, most girls like to hear you saying that she is much more special and hotter than all other girls she may see you with.  If you say something like “You are looking so beautiful today”, she will be thinking “I am beautiful compared to what?”. So to make you statement extremely effective say something like “You are the most beautiful girl I ever met” or even better “You are much more attractive than the girl you saw me talking to”.

So to make some cute things to say to your girlfriend you should follow this pattern:

  • Find something unique about your girlfriend
  • Try to include comparison to other girls in your statement

For example “I never saw a girl with such sweet smile as yours”.  It may take some time to practice those statements but at the end you girlfriend will be much more attracted to you, since you are the only guy who is making her feel so special.

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