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Saturday, 07 August 2010 21:40
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Finding a girlfriend online is not really hard if you know how to do it properly. Many guys fail in online dating because they are either not trying hard enough or maybe they do try hard enough but they have no idea what are they doing. Online dating is mostly a number game and what it means is that the more people you message the more chances you will have in finding girlfriend online. Many guys are afraid of rejection even online so after they get rejected a couple times they stop messaging girls. To help you get over online rejections, I will try to explain why some girls wouldn’t reply to your messages. First of all there many fake profiles on online dating sites, so that is one of the reasons you don’t get replies back.  Second reason is that some girls just post their profiles to boost their ego so they never reply to anyone. Third reason is that you first message is not really unique or in the worst case it sounds something like this “Hey how are you”.

So what are the steps to find girlfriend online?

  • Register at a couple dating websites, here is my favourite one: #1 Dating Site Match.com - View Pics for Free

  • Create a unique profile. Try to sound funny, adventures, confident and successful. To make your profile to standout, just browser another men’s profiles and you will see that most of them are boring and look exactly the same. Don’t forget to upload 4-6 great photos of yourself.

  • Set a goal and be consistent. For example you goal might be messaging 5 girls every day and going to 3 dates every week, until you find a girl who you thing might be a good girlfriend.

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