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Sunday, 08 August 2010 06:01

Here I will post photos of the most attractive girls I found on a dating websites. Also I will post girl's age and what they are looking for so maybe if you are lucky enough you will be able to find those girls on dating websites I wrote down at the end of this post.

Blond 20 year old teen girl on a beach

teen girl on a beach

First Impressions! Well since this will be your first of mine, it better be a good one! I am looking for a good Christian man. Someone who loves me for me and is supportive of all that I do. I have recently graduated from University and will start teaching grade 5 in September and now I am seeking a man who has a plan for his life and is ready to find a woman to live that life with.

Attractive teen girl in mini skirt on a beach

attractive teen girl in mini skirt on a beach

I love to dance, sing, write, travel, read and shop. I love just sitting back and relaxing or going out and doing something super fun and exciting! I LOVE ROLLERCOASTERS and other forms of adrenaline. I want to become a public relations person for a good and cool company one day. Something that makes me unique is I love to listen to people and I can roll my stomach.

19 year old girl with nice body

19 year old girl

I love photography. I love Nature. I shoot film mostly not into digital photography, would love to set up my own dark room soon! I love camping and hiking. I also love urban landscapes, I believe it's important to have a balance between both. I love street art, and tagging. I love travel and wish I could do it more. I speak French, so anyone else who does is awesome in my books! I want to get more tattoos. I love languages and want to learn Portuguese very badly. I want to learn how to Long board just cause the people I know who do it are awesome.

Blond teen girl

blond teen girl

A little bit about me...I love being active and being outdoors. I like camping in tents, fishing, cross-country skiing, lacrosse, working out, movies, quading, dancing, bowling, and any watersports. I am always up for a athletic challenge and a good laugh. On the other side of the spectrum, I am a very compassionate, caring, and an open-minded person.

Girl in a black dress in a bathroom

girl in a black dress at a bathroom

I enjoy playing sports especially soccer. I think snowboarding is pretty sweet even though I haven't gone in a couple years and probably suck now!  Music is my life! I listen to pretty much everything except for country. I love going to concerts. I'm going to my first year of University next year and I'm taking natural science. I have absolutely no idea what kind of career path I want to take but hopefully I'll figure that out soon!

Girl with beautiful legs

girl with beautiful legs

It's summer! I'm looking for a guy that can show me a good time! I love spending time with others and laughing so hard I cry. I'm looking for a guy that wants to treat me like a princess, though I do not need to be. I'm down to earth and looking for a guy that can potentially become my best friend and someone i'll want to spend a lot of time with.

Gorgeous girl in black mini dress

gorgeous girl in black mini dress

I'm looking for a nice guy that likes to have fun whether that be hanging out at a nice restaurant/pub or curling up on the couch and watching movies. i really like people who like to try new things and aren't afraid to be themselves.

Tanned girl in yellow dress

tanned girl in yellow dress

My favorite activities are laughing, game nights,pub nights, eating ice cream, movie nights, running, music (singing), snowball fights, dance parties, intellectual conversation, traveling (i do this one alot), anything outdoors-hiking, kayaking, camping and making smores, scuba diving..always up for trying new things.

Teen girl in bikini on a beach

teen girl in thongs

Hey my name is Sandra, i am a super positive person. I definitely believe you attract your surroundings. I love the outdoors..especially quadding and dirt biking. Camping's up there as well, although the family camping trips were a bit over done haha. I play soccer year round and love snowboarding in the winter! Things don't have to be planned step by step, i love spur of the moment decisions.

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