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Saturday, 11 September 2010 22:05

Most guys seem to be obsessed with getting girls mobile numbers. From my experience getting girl’s mobile number is just part of a deal.  If you didn’t spend much time to get to know girl but you was lucky to get her number you shouldn’t brag about it to you friends too much since in 20% of the cases the number you got is fake, 30% of girls are not going to pick up phone when you are calling even if they gave you their number. So you have 50% chance of reaching a girl you got number from and only in 20% of cases you will get the date with that girl.

Your chances of getting dates from girls mobile numbers can be increased significantly if you make girl believe that you worth her time before getting her number. For example act funny but at the same time show that you have values and you are not dating any girl just because she is hot. Don’t stick around for too long with the girl you just met because she will just get tired of you and will not agree to go on a second date. After you spend some time with girl you just met, tell her that you have to take care of some important business but you don’t mind meeting with her later and just ask her for her number. This will increase you changes significantly compared to just getting a number from some random girl you just met in a club. Looking for a casual relationship?

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