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Thursday, 13 January 2011 22:05

There is nothing worse than being dumped by your girlfriend while you still in love with her. Unfortunately almost all of us are being dumped for one reason or another, so you are not alone. I know how you feel right now-You close your eyes at night but you can still see her smiling face looking at you and even worse you can still hear her quite voice whispering something in your ear and you still feel the taste of her lips on your mouth... I been through this and let me tell you this sucks, I will try to help you to get over your girlfriend since in reality it is all in your head and you can easily find somebody who will be even better than her.

To get over your girlfriend you need to realize that there is nothing really special about her. There are thousands more girls who are hotter and smarter (she must be pretty dumb anyways if she dumped you). Life is very short and the last thing you want to do is spending it in the past, every day reminding yourself how great life was before break out. Love is very similar to a drug and more you are in love with somebody, the harder it becomes to stop it. And like all drugs after love is gone you are becoming very depressed and in some cases even suicidal. Luckily you can get out from all those felling just by finding somebody else and that is why having a couple of girlfriends might help.

 If your situation is really hard and you can’t get over your girlfriend whatever you do, then another alternative is to move to a different town or go for a long vacation to a place which has many girls. One of those places is Cancun, Mexico and if you spend month there you are 100% guaranteed that you will forget everything and you will return as a new man. In future just avoid seeing your ex girlfriend and start dating somebody else.

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