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Thursday, 18 March 2010 20:32
I just found a random girl I am interested in))

Me: Hi, hows going. I been to many places in bc, but never heard about Nanaimo

Her: Hey, im good thanks, how are you? oh have you..where abouts? .. Nanaimo is on vancouver island, its not very big.
So you live in Edmonton? ... my brother lives there, im actually going to be up there on friday for the weekend ... And im moving up there after x-mas. How do you like it there??

Me: I see, it is on an island, it must be pretty cool there, I mean here you have to drive like for couple hours to get to any decent kind of beach lol.  Edmonton is alright city, it is pretty close to rockies and stuff, but the winter is freaking cold. How come you are moving here, don’t you like west coast??

Her: no ive lived here pretty much all my life, dont really like it..probly cause im bored lol. Im moving cause  I want to make new friends, and start fresh. my brother and my sister in law live up in Edmonton though so thats another reason im moving there. Im going to be up visiting this weekend

It took me just 2 messages and I can already see that she likes me. How do i know that she is into me? If you didn't notice, she in both messages said that she is visiting my city on the weekends.

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