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Saturday, 03 March 2012 02:43

The easiest place to start dating Canadian women is online, but many guys fail with online dating because they are not able to stand out among all other guys. It is not a secret that Canadian women online get 5-20 messages from guys and obviously they can’t date all of them. Getting a reply from Canadian women online is more or less easy and everyone can do it, but what is much more challenging is to keep the women who reply to your messages actually interested in you. That is what I am going to talk in this article and I will give you a basic framework that you can use to create an emotional connection with women you talk online and actually get dates.

The first step to getting dates with Canadian women is to actually join a dating website and create a dating profile that will stand out. After you registered and created profile, start messaging the girls you are interested in and when you get a reply and you see that the woman doesn’t mind having a conversation with you that is when you should start building that emotional connection. Here are some simple questions to get to know woman you are interested in at much deeper level than all other guys.

You: What is your favourite food?

Single Canadian woman: I just love ice cream, how about you?

You: When was the first time when you got really drunk?

Single Canadian woman: I think it was once at a party during my freshmen year.

You: How do you know whether you fell in love or not?

Single Canadian woman: Oh, I don’t know, I guess I just feel it and I am also getting that weird feeling in my belly, then I realize that I am just in love with the guy and there is nothing I can do about it.

You: If you had three wishes, what would it be?

Single Canadian woman: I guess the first one would be to find my perfect soul mate, to get a perfect body and for the last I would ask for a few millions into my bank account.

Those are just sample questions and you can use them as guidelines. To succeed in attracting women, you need to show them that you truly understand them and it can only be achieved by having a deep conversation with them. Also remember that when you are talking to girl, you need to have some outcome in your mind and as soon as you see that the girl is interested and comfortable talking to you, ask her on a date.

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