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Thursday, 03 February 2011 07:48

There are literally thousands of singles dating websites, which promise you everything from having more dates than you can handle to a date with a single woman you just met in under an hour. As you already guessed not all of those websites fulfill their promises, because whether you will get a date or not depends mostly from you. However joining a trusted singles dating website is your first step in getting a date. The most common question people have when they just starting online dating, is which dating website for singles to join? All dating websites are divided into two categories: the ones which are free and the ones which charge some fee for their services. Here is I outlined advantages of each type.

Free singles dating websites. Those are the ones which are completely free and it means nobody asks you for your credit card. The main advantage of free dating websites is that those sites are free and that is pretty much it. Honestly I wouldn’t recommend anybody joining free dating websites because in my opinion it is just waste of time unless you have plenty of it and you are really bored. Since those dating websites are free they are full of cheap people, fakes and spammers and that is why you have to pay attention to who you are talking while using free dating sites. However if you don’t want to waste any money and you are just curious to see what online dating is all about you can definitely start with a free singles dating website before purchasing membership to a paid one.

Paid dating websites. The only downfall of this type of dating websites is that you have to pay some fee to use them. Fortunately for most of them the fee is really low and will definitely pay off after a couple of dates.  Since paid singles dating websites require a fee most people who join them are seriously looking for a partner and that is the best part of those websites. At least here you know that you are talking to a real woman who is looking to date someone, which is not the case for free dating websites. Plus there are very few fakes and spammers on paid dating websites since it is more economical for them just to join a free website, otherwise they are not making any profit.
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