Dating over 40 Print
Tuesday, 05 April 2011 05:09


There is nothing wrong with going on a dates or trying to get a girlfriend if you are over 40. I mean you have nothing to lose and everything to gain or otherwise you might end up living the rest of your life alone and depressed instead of spending it with someone special. If you think that it is hard to find a girlfriend, if you are over 40 then you are looking in a wrong place. Just for a moment imagine how would it feel to have a beautiful lady on your bed when you wake up in the morning after a steamy night and have her smile after you prepare her a cup of hot coffee. Most man will agree that the scene I described in previous sentence is much more desirable than waking up alone and thinking that you will never get a girlfriend.



Problem with dating over 40 is that many women by this time already got married and it is not easy to find attractive single ladies. Luckily we live in 21 century and there are plenty of dating sites were many single ladies your age and younger are looking for a great guy like you. Most men fail with online dating because they choose a wrong dating site.After you joined that dating website you need to create a decent looking profile to attract hot women. The two components of every successful profile are good photos and nicely written “about me” part. I don’t think I need to explain how to make a good photos, though I will talk more in details about what you need to write in “about me “ part to get many dates. First of all you should write exciting stuff about yourself and describe yourself as very active and interesting guy. Talk about the places you traveled to, especially if it is something exotic like Amazon River or maybe some small island of the coast of Spain. Also make sure you don’t brag too much about yourself and just say that you have a great job which you enjoy. Make it sound fun and you will get dates because women who are older are not into mind games anymore and they like you are just trying to find someone special.



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