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Wednesday, 19 May 2010 04:11

7 Secret steps for getting girlfriend…or just getting laid…or how about both?

The method I am going to discuss is not very ethical but it works almost 100% so it is up to you if you want to use it, or decide just to stay away from it and let some other dude to get all the girls.


1) Look at those 3 pictures. Can you notice how those 3 photos with completely different girls have something in common?

Of course the first thing you will see is that all of those chicks are very hot and all of them are in some kind of provocative pose. However it doesn’t matter, what matters is that all of those pictures were taken from online profile of 3 different girls and every single of them stated in their profile that they are not looking for any kind of sexual relationships, and of course none of them were looking for a one night stand.

Do you really believe that girls write in their profiles exactly what they want? Not really, they write what a society taught them. But their pictures are giving up their dirty secrets. If they wanted to meet someone for just “friends” type of fun, they could put a way less provocative photos. Those chicks are looking for something more extreme than just a dinner at a Subway or a movie.

2) We are going to use what we found in step 1 to isolate your future girlfriends from all the other chicks you come around. Ok let’s get ready for meeting chicks, I mean lot’s of them. First we need to find a place where we are going to meet girls, I recommend:

Lavalife: Where Singles Click!

Metrodate.com - 100% Free Online Dating Site!

I used many other websites for this method; though those 3 are the best and they are free so don’t waste your time with other websites.

3) Ok after you registered, it is time for fishing. Find at least 20 chicks described in step 1 from each website. You should look for a girls who have provocative photos or exposing their cleavage, as* and just showing too much skin (I hope you know what I mean). You are looking for girls like those:

Those are the girls who are screaming for an attention and are probably very interested in getting to know a couple of cool guys like you to get a little dirty… And it doesn’t really matter if they have in their profile something like: “I am not looking for hook ups so if you are a one night stand kind of person then you can forget you saw my profile and move on”. Don’t let this bs stop you from having fun.

4) Now is the most critical step. You have to write them a sweet original message. It should be something like “Wow you are so cute, how come I been on this website for a while but never saw you before?” Send kind off altered messages to all the girls you found in the previous step.

5) After girl replied it is time for you to show that you are cool guy “who is not just looking to get laid”. Start talking about things that excites girls like sports she is into, sun, sea, beach or a cute dog/cat or whatever you saw. In this step you are trying to show to a girl that you are friendly and fun to be around. This will significantly decrease her “defense shield” and it is necessary for step 6.

6) After you talked to a girl for a while (one day). Write to her how you had an amazing swim in a pool or lake or whatever. With great details describe to her how great you felt, how water was warm, how air smelled so nice and the sun was warm and so on. I don’t know why but this works like magic on girls (girls are very emotional creatures and that is why I suppose they are so good at imagining stuff). After you told her everything, ask if she wants to go with you next time for a swim. In 90% of cases she will agree.

7) After you both met it is time to be more sexual; touch her a lot, pronounce her name aloud and give her lot’s of complements to make her feel special. After that it easy to get her to sleep with you or make her your girlfriend.

If you follow all those steps I guarantee that you should get a girlfriend in less than 30 days!

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