Why I Think That Plenty of Fish Sucks Print
Friday, 18 June 2010 03:25
Ok, I guess I need to talk about Plenty of Fish otherwise many people may get discouraged by the online dating because of that website. I been using Plenty of Fish for the last six months and let me tell you, it is just getting worse and worse each day. First of all I want to talk about the girls there. Most girls on Plenty of Fish are not that good looking; personally I would put them in 3-6 out of 10 range. I been to many other dating websites and somehow Plenty of Fish has the worst looking members.  I know it is very shallow of me to judge people based on their appearance, but actually I am not really the kind of guy who only dates girls because they look hot. Here is where Plenty of Fish fails again; most girls who look below average think that they are super models. If you been to Plenty of Fish you know that response rate is really low, like 10% or even lower.

Here is my theory for such low response rate. First of all as I said before almost every chick on Plenty of Fish thinks that she is super hot, and as we all know super hot girls only like to hang out with super hot guys, right? Haha. So if you look like Brad Pitt and you want to date fat, short and bad tempered chicks, then Plenty of Fish should work pretty well for you. Unfortunately it is not the end of the story, I estimated that about every third account on Plenty of Fish is fake, what a surprise. This is why I am not using free dating websites anymore. On a free dating website everybody who wants may create as many profiles as he wants with any kind of information.  Another reason why I think that Plenty of Fish sucks is because it is just too materialistic. What was the reason behind putting on their profile whether you have or don’t have a car? What is next? Amount of money you have on your savings account? In another words Plenty of Fish is ideal website for gold-diggers.

So my conclusion is; don’t waste your time on Plenty of Fish, unless you are bored or just want to practice getting rejected. Otherwise this website will just lower your self esteem and make it much harder to find a girlfriend.

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