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Sunday, 20 June 2010 00:12
The main problem you may encounter while trying to find girlfriend online, is that many people on dating websites are very passive and it takes large amount of time to make them interested in you. Most guys will talk to every girl, who sends them a message, and it will take them a couple of weeks before they get a date with a girl or she just gets bored and stops replying to his messages. You can significantly increase your chances of getting girlfriend online just by specifying in your profile what you are a looking for in girl.

To be successful in finding girlfriend online you need to know what you really want. If you have no idea what qualities you like in a girls, then there is no way for you to find a girlfriend online. If you start a relationship with first girl, who went on a date with, you will never get a long time girlfriend, because each of your new relationships will end up with a break up.  Therefore start thinking what traits you like in girls.

For example: "I would like to get girlfriend who is between  22 and 29 years old, was never married, doesn’t have children, but doesn’t mind getting them in a future. I also want her to be a tall brunette with good education."

It is just one of the examples but I think you got the idea. You should stick to those requirements otherwise you never find your true love. You may even put this requirement on your dating profile. Use those requirements when looking for girlfriend online, as well as offline.

Here is another example: "My dream girl has to be 185 cm tall, should be athletic, with the income of two hundred thousand dollars a year. She also should own a house and the car and should love to travel."

If you hope for the love at first sight and amazing life with your girlfriend afterwards without any slight problems, then it is impossible, since every relationship has some downfalls.  However if you met the right girl, you will never even notice those downfalls.

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