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Monday, 09 August 2010 09:51

Many guys who just started the whole online dating thing may get stuck when they meet what I call an "online virtual girlfriend". Online virtual girlfriend is a girl you talk to every day, but never meet in a real life. This may happen because of two reasons. First one is that you and you online girlfriend live far away from each other and that is why you probably never going to see her. The second reason is that some girls just like having online relationships, because it is fun and very safe.

In my opinion having an online virtual girlfriend is a very bad idea. First of all online relationship is not a real thing and the second problem with online girlfriends is that you are spending too much time talking to them without getting any real skills from that. You can easily get addicted to online type relationships because both of you see only the good sides of each other and that is why when you meet somebody offline they may act completely different from how they acted online.

To prevent girl you started talking to online from turning into online virtual girlfriend try to get date with her as soon as possible. This way at least you will know if you are compatible with each other. Plus you should always remember that life is very short and it is definitely a bad idea spending it in front of msn messenger instead of talking to the girl somewhere in a more intimate place.Looking for a casual relationship?

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