Why girls like jerks? Print
Sunday, 14 November 2010 02:54

“Be a nice guy and you will have no problems finding a girlfriend”, that is what we hear from our mothers, sisters and girl friends. Though if you take a look on reality you will see that previous statement is far from truth.  Most girls are usually more attracted to jerks than to nice guys and there are several reasons for that and we are going to discuss them in this article. So why girls like jerks?

Girls like what they can’t have and this is the first reason why girls like jerks.  If the girl approaches a nice guy and asks him for a date, in more than 80% of cases she will receive a positive reply. However if she asks some guy who is a jerk for a date he will usually decline her offer and that is what turns girls on.  After getting rejected by a jerk she will play her approach millions of times in her head trying to figure out what was the cause for rejection. And if you think about someone many times per day, it doesn’t matter if you want it or not, you will get attracted to him. However if the girl finally succeeds in getting a jerk on a date or as her boyfriend, she will feel more confident in herself since she was able to get a guy which probably rejected 10 of other girls before her. That makes her think that she is sexier than the other 10 girls who couldn’t get this guy. Girls like jerks because it is like prize which you have to win.

Jerks give girls space and that is another reason why girls like them.  On another hand nice guys will call or text girl every minute of free time they have, which is kind of cute at the beginning however after getting 20 messages per day it becomes annoying. Girls like to feel free and if you become jealous every time she talks to another guy she will soon start to feel like you are controlling her and she will run from you as hell.  Jerks on another hand don’t care much about a girl or if she talks to other guys and that is what makes them more attractive to girls than nice guys.

Jerks are usually more physically attractive than nice guys. Most jerks are into sports while nice guys are more into nerdy stuff and that is why jerks usually more in shape than nice guys. Physical appearance still place a major role in a dating scene and if you are good looking it will be much easier for you to get a girl.

So what can you do if you are a nice guy, but you still want to get girls without becoming a jerk?

  • First of all learn the qualities of jerks which attract girls without copying bad ones.
  • Start going to a gym just to get in shape, I bet you will feel much more confident in yourself and girls will notice it.
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