Why should you look for girlfriend online? Print
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 00:00
So why would anyone go online instead of bar or nightclub to find a girlfriend? If you ever been to the club you probably know that finding there a “girlfriend material” type of girl is very hard.  Most girls there are only looking to have fun with their girlfriends, already taken or for the luck of better words are slu*ts. It doesn’t mean that you can’t meet a normal girl there, but it will be much easier and safer to find her online. Just think only about 20% of all girls go to the clubs, but more than 90% have online presence on Facebook, MySpace or whatever. And what is surprisingly about 40% of them are single. Just imagine, millions of single girls just a mouse click away from you.

Ok let’s outline all the advantages of the online dating:

  • Everybody can do it. Even if you completely lack any confidence you can still talk to girls and even get dates. Of course you can disagree since you will have to talk to her in person when you go on a date, however it will be much easier after you chatted with her online. You will be less nervous and therefore will seem more confident and she will probably want to go on the second date with you.
  • It is safe. It is much safer meeting girls online than in a nightclub or bar; don’t tell me you never got in way of some drunkard lol. Of course you can sometime stumble on some crazy girl online but you know nothing is 100% safe.
  • It is fast. It takes less than half an hour to find a girl with all the qualities you like and send her a message.
  • It is cheap. In most cases it is free though there are some good dating websites that you might consider which charge less than $10 a month. On other hand cover charge in nightclub will cost you about the same amount, plus money spent on drinks and tips; you know what I am talking about)).
  • It is fun. Do I need to explain this part??
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